This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

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Baby Show at Sutton Fair - 2019 Pre-COVID-19 pandemic
Baby Show at Sutton Fair - 2019 Pre-COVID-19 pandemic

New Format For Baby Show 2022

The Baby Show at the fair is an annual tradition which will continue despite these times.

Given all the risk factors, we’ve decided to produce a safe show. Being away due to the pandemic has given the committee some perspective and an opportunity to switch up the program. There will be a Baby Show at the Sutton Fair in 2022. The show won’t be like it was before.

We’ve missed the fair and can’t wait to get back! We recognize that all situations are different and require their assessment of risk.

Risk Factors:

  • COVID-19 continues as a global pandemic.
  • Babies can’t be vaccinated.
  • The Baby Show is in close quarters, even in the arena.


We recognize that some people are uncomfortable with a gathering of this type. Nobody wants to be responsible for possibly getting anyone else sick.

The committee has worked hard to create a new program where we can honour our traditions and still show community spirit. Instructions are clear, we’re getting the word out, and people are looking forward to the Baby Show at Sutton Fair. The entry form can be filled out online and printed. See the Baby Show contest page for rules and categories.

Photos of your babies will be submitted to the fair in person one day before the fair starts. Friday is judging day. Winners in each category will be announced at the fair.

Art students will decorate a large wall in the arena that is usually blank. Then, they will create an art installation featuring all the Baby Show contestants.

Please note that the categories have changed this year for diversity and inclusion.

Friday is judging day.

Visitors can vote on the overall people’s choice award at the Baby Show art installation fair. Voting is open to all fair attendees.

Come to the fair and vote. The program is sponsored and provides a grand prize and participant prizes.

For privacy reasons, the committee will destroy photos submitted after the conclusion of the 2022 Sutton Fair.



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