This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

Ryanne MacNeill - Senior Ambassador 2023, Clara Koning - Junior Ambassador 2023, Avery Clarke - Junior Ambassador Runner-up 2023
Congratulations Ryanne MacNeill - Senior Ambassador 2023, Clara Koning - Junior Ambassador 2023, Avery Clarke - Junior Ambassador Runner-up 2023

Congratulations Sutton Fair 2023 Ambassadors

Celebrating Our Ambassadors of 2023 – Leaders of Tomorrow

We are filled with pride and excitement as we announce the recent winners of the Ambassador competition at the Sutton Fair and Horse Show 2023. The competition was tough, but through their dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence, these individuals stood out and will now lead the way in representing our agricultural community.

Meet the Winners:

  • Ryanne MacNeill: Senior Ambassador 2023
  • Clara Koning: Junior Ambassador 2023
  • Avery Clarke: Junior Ambassador Runner-up 2023


A Legacy of Leadership: The Ambassador role is not merely a title; it’s a symbol of leadership and a beacon for community involvement. The winners will represent the Sutton Agricultural Society locally and provincially for a year. They will be able to shine as community leaders and enjoy numerous networking opportunities. 

Investing in Education: Our winners also have the opportunity to receive a bursary to support their post-secondary education, signifying our belief in nurturing the minds that will shape our future.

A Year of Representation: The Ambassador of the Fair will be actively participating in various functions throughout the year, including the convention of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies in February. The Senior Ambassador might also be selected to represent the Fair at the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition in August 2024.

In Conclusion: The Sutton Fair and Horse Show would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Ryanne, Clara, and Avery. Your victory is not just a personal achievement but a testament to your potential to positively impact our community.

We look forward to watching you grow in your roles, taking the values and traditions of our society to new heights.

To our judges, sponsors, volunteers and family, your support was incredibly appreciated.

Here’s to a year filled with success, learning, and community building!

Join us at the Sutton Fair and Horse Show and be part of the tradition!



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