This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

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All About Members, Past and Present

Directors for 2023

President: Jason Kay

1st Vice President: Jaclyn Grossi

2nd Vice President: Emma Somerville

Past President: Keith Clark

Executive Committee

Jason Kay, Jaclyn Grossi, Emma Somerville, Keith Clark


One Year: Bob Johnson, Michelle Dobbie, Ryan Woodrow, Leslie Ristich, Kevin Hutchings

Two Year: Victoria Pike, Jane Mundy, Jim Lockie, Cody Perry, Gary Pegg

Three Year: Roger Ley, Keith Clark, Jennifer Perry, Wendy Page, Rob Grossi

Intermediate Directors – Ages 16 to 22

Madelyn Grossi, Glen Howes, Hudson Thompson, Scott McDonald, Eric Howes

Junior Committee – Ages 11 to 15

Hannah Dykeman, Madelyne Girard, Aiden Hutchings, Hannah Hutchings, Sam McDonald, Rachel Page, Ella Woodrow

Secretary / Treasurer

Claire Bunnik

Exec Photo

2023 Sutton Fair Executive and Directors
2023 Sutton Fair Executive and Directors

Back Row: Victoria Pike, Leslie Ristich, Gary Pegg, Jim Lockie, Robert Grossi, Kevin Hutchings.
Front Row: Claire Bunnik, Jason Kay, Jaclyn Grossi, Keith Clark.

2023 Chairpersons

Victoria Pike

Emma Somerville

Estelle Lemaire

Arena Set Up
Pete Bunnik

Baby Show
Michelle Dobbie
(905) 722-3165

Children’s Pedal Pull
Kate Brown

Commercial Exhibits
Sheila Mainprize
(905) 722–5485

Crafts and Hobbies
Steve Thompson
(905) 476-1646

Culinary Arts
Cortney Kay
(905) 251-2981

Dairy Shows
Gary Pegg
(905) 476-4611

Demolition Derby
Gary Pegg
(905) 476-4611

Wendy Page

Fine Arts
Fair Office
(905) 722-3165


Marijke Gould

(905) 898-0295 &

Laura Johnston

Frog Jumping Contest

Jennifer Perry

(905) 960-5013


Fair Office

(905) 722-3165


Jason Kay

(905) 252-4540

Heavy Horse Pull

Ryan Woodrow

(705) 879-2809

Home Craft Division

Sue Williams


Junior Arts & Crafts

Dixie Firth

(705) 426-5219

Heidi Dykeman


Kid’s Fun Farm

Fair Office

(905) 722-3165

Kid’s Fun Tent

Beth Wood

(905) 476-9862

Language & Literature

Fair Office

(905) 722-3165

Light Horse Shows

Matt Woodrow

(905) 722-6545

Open Gaited Horse Show

Mary-Anne Cryderman

(289) 338-9302

Beef Shows

Susy McDonald

(905) 722-4507

Morgan Horse Show

Sheila McNaughton



Fair Office

(905) 722-3165


Sarah Reevie

Prize Book

Jaclyn Grossi


Jason Kay

(905) 252-4540


Kevin Hutchings

(905) 722-3165

(Fair Office)


Fair Office

(905) 722-3165


Abbie Velocci

Truck and Tractor Pull

Jim Lockie

(905) 476-4815

Vegetables & Field Crop

Russell Hamilton

Vintage Equipment

Birch & Linda O’Brien

(905) 722-8090


Jaclyn Grossi

Honourary Members

Ken Debnam, Bart Johnson, Ken McAuley, Art Mitchel, Ted Norris, Ruth Sedore, Bill Seller, James Sellers, Ken Smockum, Norma Smockum, George Story, Matt Woodrow, Larry Pegg

2022 Agricultural Society Members

AVERY, Shelby, BEADLE, Terreassa, BOOTH, Edith, BREAU, Connor, BREAU, Jeff, BREAU, Maryanne, BROWN, Andrew, BROWN, Kate, BUNNIK, Peter*, BUNNIK, Wilma, BURNS, Karen, CARGOE, Silvana, CASHIN, Joe, CLARK, Keith*, CLARK, Michele, COBB, Krystal, COBB, Tony, COWIESON, Steve*, CROWDER, Kathleen, CROWDER, Mike, DESROCHES, Helene, DOBBIE, Michelle, DOYLE, Holly, DYKEMAN, Daryle, DYKEMAN, Heidi, DYKEMAN, Hanna, EDL, Mark, ETHERINGTON, Joan, FACECCHIA, Megan, FRANCIS, Allan, FRIESE, Peter, FULLERTON, Heather, GARRARD, Tim*, GAUTHIER, Andrew, GIBSON, Andrew, GIBSON, Jason, GIBSON, Kevin, GIBSON, Tom, GIBSON, Valerie, GILLIES, Blair, GOULD, Marijke, GOULD, Jamie, GOULD, Katrina, GROSSI, Carolyn, GROSSI, Jaclyn, GROSSI, Madelyn, GROSSI, Rob, HUTCHINGS, Aiden, HUTCHINGS, Erin, HUTCHINGS, Hannah, HUTCHINGS, Hayleigh, HUTCHINGS, Kevin*, HUTCHINGS, Sandra, JOHNSON, Amanda, JOHNSON, Bart*, JOHNSON, Greg, JOHNSON, Mary Jane, JOHNSTON, Bobby, JOHNSTON, Denise, JOHNSTON, Katy, JOHNSTON, Laura, JORDAN, Orval, KAY, Cortney, KAY, Jason* (President), KING, Wayne, LANCE, Carolyn, LANCE, Mike, LAWSON, Fran, LEMAIRE, Estelle, LEWIS, Lisa, LEY, Breanna, LEY, Christene, LEY, Levi, LEY, Roger, LOCKIE, Jim*, LOCKIE, Carol, LOCKIE, Carole, LOCKIE, Mark, LOCKIE, Janice, LOCKIE, Scott, LOCKIE, Alannah, LOCKIE, Andrew, LOCKIE, Elyse, MAINPRIZE, Chad, MAINPRIZE, Sheila, MCCABE, Brian, MCNEICE, Katie, MCNEICE, Kelty, MCNEICE, Matt, MCNEICE, Sadie, MCNEICE, Tessa, MITCHELL, Merle, MORTON, Darlene, MORTON, Russel, MUNDY, Ashlyn, MUNDY, Jane, MUNDY, Megan, MUNDY, Mikayla, MUNDY, Rob, MUNRO, Barbara, MUNRO, Richard, NAISMITH, Barbara, NAISMITH, John, O’BRIEN, Birch, O’BRIEN, Linda, OSBORNE, Janice, PAGE, James, PAGE, Mary-Ellen, PAGE, Nathan, PAGE, Jason, PAGE, Rachel, PAGE, Wendy*, PALLETT-FIRTH, Dixie, PALLETT, Stephen*, PATERSON, Jennifer, PATERSON, Jordan, PATERSON, Jamee, PATERSON, Riley, PEGG, Anne, PEGG, Larry, PEGG, Nora, PEGG, Nathan, PEGG, Jenna, PEGG, Gary, PEGG, Nancy, PEGG, Jason, PEGG, Shelby, PERRY, Cody, PERRY, Jenn, PIKE, Vikki, PIKE, Jim, RAE, Brenda, RAE, Don, RAE, Alan, RAE, Amy, RAE, Maida, REEVIE, Janice, REEVIE, Sarah, REEVIE, Jessie, RIDDELL, Don, RIDDELL, Regina, RISTICH, Leslie, SCOTT, Ann, SCOTT, Amy, SELLERS, Thelma, SELLERS, Jim*, SNOOKS, Dan, SOMERVILLE, Emma, SOMERVILLE, Meghan, STETKA, Kyle, STILES, Jim, STILES, Shelley, STILES, Shirley, TAYLOR, Mary Lou, THOMPSON, Steve, THOMPSON, Brenda, THOMPSON, Joshua, THOMPSON, Caleb, THOMPSON, Jean, THOMPSON, Doug, THOMPSON, Teresa, THOMPSON, Brooke, THOMPSON, Jordan, THOMPSON, Braydan, THOMPSON, Hudson, TRAVISS, Linda, VAN KEMPEN, Riley, VELOCCI, Abbie, WELLER, Bruce, WELLER, Ursula, WHITFIELD, Matt, WILLIAMS, Susan, WOOD, Beth, WOODROW, Ryan, WOODROW, Jenna, WOODROW, Matt*

*Past President

1855-56 – Unknown

1857 – John Boyd

1859 – William Bourchier

1860-61 – Capt. Thomas Sibbald

1866 – John Boyd

1868-70 – Isaac Harritt

1871 – John Boyd

1872-73 – Angus Ego

1874 – J.R. Bouchier

1876 – William Howard

1877-91 – Thomas Scott

1892-01 – Joseph Davidson

1902 – Unknown

1903-04 – J.A. Boag

1905-07 – Unknown

1908 – W.L. Scott

1909 – Unknown

1910 – William Lake

1911 – W.J. Kay

1912 – Unknown

1913-14 – R.F. Cronsberry

1915-16 – George Stonehouse

1917-18 – A.E. Pugsley

1919-20 – Frank Sherman

1921-22 – William Sibbald Jr.

1923 – J.D. Sibbald

1924-26 – William Pugsley

1927 – J.A. Lake

1928 – Dave Treloar

1929 – Carl Morton

1930-33 – James (Deacon) Sedore

1934-36 – J.A. Latimer

1937 – Walter Scott

1939 – W. Lake

1940-46 – No Show due to W.W. II Acting President Wilmot Lake

1946-48 – Wilmot Lake

1949 – John D. Tate

1950-53 – Herb Cronsberry

1954-55 – William Park

1956-64 – J.D. Tate

1965-66 – George Ardill

1967-68 – William Sellers

1969 – A.K. Mitchell

1970-71 – Lloyd Sedore

1972 – A.K. Mitchell

1973-74 – Kenneth McAuley

1975-76 – Jim Mortson

1977-78 – Charles Boyd

1979-80 – James Sellers

1981-82 – Stephen Pallett

1983-84 – Keith Dunn

1985-86 – Joan Mortson

1987-88 – Stephen Smockum

1989-90 – Bradley Smockum

1991-92 – John Alexander

1993-94 – Len Walker

1995-96 – Bart Johnson

1997-98 – Rick Thompson

1999-00 – Tim Garrard

2001-02 – Kevin Hutchings

2003-04 – Tim Garrard

2005-06 – Steve Wood

2007-08 – Matt Woodrow

2009-10 – Pete Bunnik

2011-12 – Jim Lockie

2013-14 – Steve Cowieson

2015-17 – Jason Kay

2018-19 – Wendy Page

2020-2021 – Keith Clark

2022 – Jason Kay

Member Registration

Please download and print the PDF for the Sutton Agricultural Society Member Signup Form.

Membership Renewal starts at the Sept/Nov meetings each year.

Membership wristbands for the fair are handed out at the July meeting.

Cost of Membership:

Sept 2022 to Mar 1, 2023 = $10.00
Mar 2, 2023 to July 31, 2023 = $20.00

No memberships will be sold in August.


The Sutton Agricultural Society hold meetings on the fourth Monday of the month @ 8:00 p.m. in the Kin Hall.

There are no February, April, August, October or December Meetings!

Wednesday Night Work Bees! Grounds clean-up begins the first Wednesday in May (7:00 p.m.) and continues every week until the fair.