This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

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Jason Kay - 2022 President, Sutton Fair and Horse Show

Jason Kay

2023 Presidents

As the current president of the Sutton Agricultural Society it is my honour to
welcome everyone back to the 166th Sutton Fair and Horse Show. This year our volunteers have some amazing attractions for visitors of all ages to see and enjoy, as well as sticking to our traditional events such as livestock and horse shows. Which seems fitting as our fairs theme this year is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways” be sure to visit all the fair themed home craft entries in the arena and Kin Hall. Many hours go into planning this 4 day event which remains Georgina’s biggest summer attraction, so please if you see one of the volunteers, thank them for all the time and hard work they have done to make this event as successful as it is. I myself cannot thank the volunteers enough as they are the backbone of this fair and every year it makes me truly proud to be part of it.

Please come out and soak up the fun and excitement and I hope to see everyone there!

Mayor Margaret Quirk

Mayor Margaret Quirk

2023 Mayor

On behalf of Georgina Town Council, welcome to the Sutton Fair and Horse Show! The annual Sutton Fair is a summer highlight for many, and a long standing tradition in our community. From the rides, games, livestock competitions, tasty food, entertainment, vendors and so many family friendly activities – there are so many things for residents and visitors to enjoy. We also have our annual favourites including the baby contest, musical performances, frog jumping contest, demolition derby and the Sutton Fair Ambassador Competition. The theme for this year’s fair is ‘From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways’ which reminds us to look back at how this fair and our community has evolved over the years. Each year the Sutton Fair brings our community together for a wonderful celebration whether you are young or young at heart. Thank you to the volunteers and the many groups who work tirelessly to make this happen. Enjoy the Fair!

Abbie Velocci

2022 Senior Ambassador

As my duties sadly come to an end in this role, I reflect upon the last decade in how I have participated in our annual summer fair. From volunteering, to a chairperson, a committee member, senior-runner up and now, the 2022/23 Sutton Fair Senior Fair Ambassador.

For those unaware, I completed my last year at Trent University while holding the title of Ambassador. I now have a Bachelor’s in Environmental Resource Management Sc/St., specializing in ag and climate policy. I am pursuing a dream in Environment Conservation and Law Enforcement, and, as Ambassador, I have been consistently reminded that school comes first. Luckily, I did manage to squeeze some time in to attend events such as the Sutton Parade of Lights, the O.A.A.S Annual Convention, the municipal election, and the annual dinner.

At the height of this journey, I am proud to say that I am a first-generation Ambassador graduate, and volunteer. Which is why I want to take the opportunity to encourage our community’s youth and promote participation in agricultural fairs. There are endless opportunities; try something new! Ask questions, pet a cow or make a duct tape sculpture.

My four days at the fair were scorching. Still, I had a fantastic time sharing my experience with the junior ambassador and runner-ups while making new friends, trying fresh foods and watching some entertainment acts, with my favourite parts being the horse shows and derby. Despite the pandemic, the first official fair back was a hit, and I applaud the team, who adapted and conquered, worked several hours and weekends coming back full fledged. In staying true to the agricultural generations and significant past, while accepting new ideas and visions equally represents this year’s fair theme, “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways.”

I am more than eager to attend the Canadian National Exhibition, Ambassador of the Fairs competition and the 166th Sutton Fair and Horse Show. Moreso, extremely ambitious to meet our 2023-2024 junior and senior ambassadors. I want to thank all of you, the visitors, exhibitors, volunteers and our outstanding Board of Directors for working to bring our community together. One more big thank you for accepting me as apart of the team.

Well, it has truly been an honour and a privilege to have fulfilled this role. The skills I have gained, the people I have met, and the memories will be cherished forever, and if you see me around the fairgrounds, come say hi!

Makenna Coates

2022 Junior Ambassador

Hello, I’m Makenna Coates if you don’t know me I’m the 2022 jr ambassador and I want to tell you all about the experiences I had been able to do. First I want to give a huge thanks you to all the volunteers who helped make the fair possible this year!! Some of my highlights of the weekend where, meeting up at the kin hall each morning to get prepared for a long day of fun!

Presenting the awards to all the people from the 4H sheep club, doing the chicken dance and the Macarena in the middle of the derby field and last but not least seeing all the behind the scenes work that really go’s into the fair year after year! Winning the Jr ambassador has been the experience of a life time! Thanks again to everyone who makes the Sutton fair possible!