This year’s theme for the 165th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

Zoo to You

Zoo to You

Our experienced handlers will bring our animals out of their secure temporary enclosures on a rotation to allow the guests to interact and be educated at the same time about these amazing creatures. Zoo To You‘s animals are very well-socialized and acclimated to the noise and commotion during these types of events.

Meet our animal friends in this up-close, interactive live animal experience. We will educate and entertain your students with remarkable and fascinating facts about animals from all over the world. This high energy show will have your students hopping out of their seats, slithering up to the front, and smiling from ear to ear.



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The Connors Brothers Music at Sutton Fair

The Connors Brothers Music

Sitting at a kitchen table or in the front row of an amphitheater many people would have trouble telling you which place they’d rather experience

Aqua Dogs. Running Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sutton Fair. Water agility competition.

Aqua Dogs

Running Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sutton Fair.  Water agility competition. Dock Diving What is dock diving? Well it’s a great activity that pretty much

Truck and Tractor Pull

Truck and Tractor Pull

Thursday Night. One word to describe this year’s Truck and Tractor Pull?   EXCITING!!! Watch Trucks and Tractors strained to their mechanical limits, performing feats

Heavy Horse Pull

Horse Pull

Come out to the race track on Friday night and see Light and Heavy Horses pulling weights in each of their classes.

Frog Jumping Contest

Frog Jumping Contest

The frog jumping contest is interesting to watch if you have never seen it before.  It is an annual event at the Sutton Fair.  Children