This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

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Special Needs Crafts

Special Needs Crafts

Class 167: Special Needs Crafts


Chairperson: Jacki Tromba

Contact: (905) 715-3481

The General Rules of the Sutton Agricultural Society shall apply.

Additional Rules:

  • This section is open to anyone with a special need, Mental or Physical.
  • There is no entrance fee.
  • Only one item per class per participant.
  • There is no age limit for this section.
  • All exhibits must be made in the last 12 months, and must be the work of the exhibitor, except where otherwise stated (hand over hand method).
  • Sections 10 – 14 must be placed on a small 6” paper plate, contained in a plastic bag.
  • 2023 theme is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”, entries should reflect the theme.

Prize Money for Sections 1 to 7:

1st: $3.00; 2nd: $2.50; 3rd: $2.00


Arts and Crafts – not hand over hand

  1. A piece of jewelry handmade any medium
  2. Painting any medium on canvas
  3. Free Hand Drawing
  4. Decorated recycled container
  5. A rug hooked article
  6. Sponge or vegetable print painting

Needlework – not hand over hand

  1. Article of choice – made from fabric
  2. Cross stitched (embroidery) item
  3. A crochet, knit or corking article

Culinary Arts – not hand over hand

  1. 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. 3 Butter tarts
  3. Apple crisp
  4. 3 Brownies
  5. 3 Sugar Cookies

Veggies and Flowers

  1. One paper plate with 3 to 5 veggies from your garden
  2. One vase with 3 to 5 flowers from your garden

Arts and Crafts – hand over hand

  1. Drawing, free hand
  2. Finger painting
  3. Handmade toy

Click the tabs below to get instructions, entry forms and rules from each of the tabs.

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