This year’s theme for the 165th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

Language and Literature

Language and Literature




CHAIRPERSON:           Abbie Velocci               705-896-5810

COMMITTEE:               Hanah Lowes, Heather Fullerton

PRIZE MONEY:                        1st = $5.00; 2nd = $4.00; 3rd = $3.00



This year’s Fair theme is “We Have a Good Thing Growing” and in honour of this theme, entrants must submit their own HAND-WRITTEN, CURSIVE SCRIPT copy of “Land of the Silver Birch” (see below) on 8 1/2’ lined paper.

Script style, correct spelling and punctuation will be taken into consideraton for judging.


SPECIAL TWIST:  Can you find the ONE spelling error? Correct it and add a bonus point!

EXTRA HINT – go to for practice sheets of proper cursive handwriting form.

Land of the Silver Birch  is a traditional Canadian folk song that dates from the 1920s and the lyrics are sometimes attributed to Pauline Johnson. It is frequently sung to keep time while canoeing.

Cowboy Boots & Freckles
Blue eyes and freckles ‘neath a straw cowboy hat,
His two best friends are his dog and his cat.
He’s a good little man; it’s so plain to see,
He’s sure enough a cowboy, though he’s not even three.
Blue eyes and freckles, daddy’s boots on his feet
He stumbles, he falls, but determined is he.
They’re too big right now, but so fast he will grow,
To fill Daddy’s cowboy boots, with his own land to sow.
Blue eyes and freckles, holes in his jeans,
Out in the farm yard, he’s living his dreams.
He’s our little man and anyone can see,
He is a true cowboy, and always will be.
Author: Unknown


Hills of the northSECTION:

  1. Ages 9 years and under
  2. Ages 10 to 11 years
  3. Ages 12 to 13 years
  4. Ages 14 to 18 years
  5. Ages 19 to 50 years

6,   Ages 51 and over



STORY THEME: “My Country Roots””


NOTE:  Your story can be about an actual story (historical) or completely made up (fiction). The theme is very general and allows you to think outside the box. Just be sure to stay close to the theme.


ONLY the “Exhibitor Number” should appear on each page of the Creative Writing entry. All other information will appear on the exhibitor’s tag attached to entry.


All entries are to be HAND-WRITTEN OR HAND-PRINTED in pen or pencil. (No typed entries permitted)

All entries will be judged primarily on content, but spelling and grammar will also be taken into consideration for judging.SECTION:

  1. Ages 7 – 8 (100-200 words)
  2. Ages 9 – 10 (100-200 words)
  3. Ages 11 – 13 (100-300 words)
  4. Ages 14 – 17 (300-400 words)
  5. Ages 18 and over (300-500 words)