This year’s theme for the 166th Sutton Fair & Horse Show is “From Pioneer Days to Modern Ways”.

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Class 170: Antiques


Chairperson: Estelle Lamaire

Contact: (905) 722-5795

Committee: Barbara Munro, Richard Munro, Tom Gibson, Orval Jordan, Anne Pegg

The General Rules of the Sutton Agricultural Society shall apply.

Additional Rules:

  • Antique articles must be at least 60 years old.
  • Special Note: The Committee feels we must advise exhibitors in this division that you exhibit at your own risk. We have never had a breakage or theft of any exhibit and will continue to do our utmost to return your exhibits in the condition in which you bring them. However, in view of the rising value of antiques and the growth of the division, we feel that you must be forewarned that ALL EXHIBITS IN THIS DIVISION ARE SHOWN AT OWNER’S RISK!

Prize Money:

1st: $5.00; 2nd: $4.00; 3rd: $3.00

Best In Show: $25.00


Clear Glass

  1. Spooner
  2. Pickle cruet
  3. Pair of candle sticks
  4. Pedestal plate
  5. Open comport
  6. Covered butter dish

Coloured Glass

  1. Piece of Cobalt
  2. Green Goblet
  3. Vase
  4. White hobnail
  5. One piece of amber glass
  6. One piece of ruby glass


  1. Tooth pick holder
  2. Egg cup
  3. Figurine
  4. Piece of royalty
  5. Spooner
  6. Pedestal cake plate


  1. Cake plate
  2. Cruet set
  3. Pie Server
  4. Tea pot
  5. Napkin holder
  6. Bracelet


  1. Beaded jewellery
  2. Woven basket
  3. Finger lamp
  4. Family Bible
  5. Camera
  6. Spittoon
  7. Car manual
  8. Automobile crank
  9. Nutcracker bowl
  10. Queen Elizabeth ll item
  11. Sheep sheers
  12. Folding ruler
  13. Nutmeg grater
  14. Potato ricer
  15. Coffee grinder
  16. Egg beater
  17. Metal pot scratcher
  18. Fishing lure
  19. Oil can
  20. Jelly mold
  21. Eaton Memorabilia
  22. Sutton Memorabilia
  23. Sutton Fair Memorabilia
  24. Stump the Judge
  25. Youth Entry:18 yrs & Under – Grandma’s brooch
  26. Youth Entry:18 yrs & Under – Grandpa’s shaving mug

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